Random Things About Me!

En Familia/ My Family
En Familia/ My Family

1- My first name was given to me to honor my cousin who died a year before I was born

2- My dad is from the US and my mom is from Ecuador but I was born in Nicaragua

3- Im an only child but I have a very big extended family

4- I like going on trips to the country side because I hate the city

5- I have no favorite things, because I was never able to pick favorite things

6- I have never ever broken one of my  bone

7- I love Excell and Access and I used to make databases as a game when I was a little kid

8- I learned how to swimm in 3 lessons

9-I love speaking Spanglish (Spanish + English)

10- I dont like red colored things

11-I was almost killed by a bus

12- I have never had a Peniciline shot

13- I love Black Converse shoes

14- The baby names I most like come from the names of the American States  ( Dakota, Montana, Sierra, Nebraska, Alaska, Kansas and Arizona,)

15-I enjoy eating plain Rice and Beans

16- I love reading books about detectives

17- I have an intense taste for Cabbage

18- Im missing a canine tooth

19- My biggest girl crush is “Callie Torres”

20- I enjoy taking black and white photos

21- I study medicine but I hate Anatomy

22- Sometimes I sleepwalk

23- I dont wear gold accesories

24-Im very lousy at keeping my agenda organized

25- I had my nose pierced but let it close again because of my alergies

26- I have to kiss people 4 times when saying goodbye

27- I always name my pets with 4 names

28- I have to name almost anything and everything






Un comentario en “Random Things About Me!”

  1. Felicidades por el presente que te has forjado y se que tu futuro sera muy prospero. Te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor.. 😉


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