A streetlamp powered by … algae?

Esto es tan interesante! Quien lo diria, las algas algun día nos pueden ayudar a tener energia mas limpia!

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tumblr_mtmtn86Wur1qedf7ko1_1280The glowing, neon green lamp you see above is the invention of French biochemist Pierre Calleja, who had the crazy idea of using algae to power otherworldly, tube-shaped streetlamps that double as homes for this growing gloop. In a talk at TEDxLausanneChange, he explains the process behind the invention.

You may remember photosynthesis from biology class — if not, Wikipedia will remind you: “Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy that can be used to fuel the organisms’ activities.” But can photosynthesis help us light our sidewalks and roadways? Calleja thinks so.

He and his team at FermentAlg developed this lamp to double as a habitat for microalgae, which absorb solar energy and consume carbon dioxide. These lamps are designed to store the energy made from this process, so that when placed in unlit places, they can continue to shine.

These beautiful lights…

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2 comentarios en “A streetlamp powered by … algae?”

  1. I would be wondering if you help me if you know about algae lamps please give me detail about it and answer my questions This is my questions?

    how the algae will charge the battery in day?(process)

    how the algae will take his energy from the battery in night?(process)

    is algae able to fill the battery?

    is the algae’s glow as the lamp we use?

    how long the lamp can stay without repairing?

    how the algae will stay in life in a cold or hot place? I think it needs a particular temperature

    how can we connect the 30 nanometre-wide gold electrodes to each cell of liquid algae ?

    1. Dear Francisco, I have to be honest and say I no nothing about this specific subject, I just reblogged the TEDblog entry because I found it very interesting, maybe if you write your questions towards the people at TEDblogs, maybe they will give you the answers you are looking for…


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