Exams, Grades, Vacations

Im afraid and scared tomorrow I have my history test and my notebook got lost (well my teacher has it). I really want to go out of school and into my vacations but Im scared that I wont get out with good grades!!! I mean my grades are the one thing in this world that is going to secure my future in college. I still have to overcome one year (my senior year) and it scares me like hell because I dont really think im prepared to face the real world I mean im just going to be 16 and I have been taken care of till now and it is now when I am facing the ruff part of it.

I have no plans for my vacations more than the fact that I have to lose some extra pounds so that next year I fit in my prom dress!!! but I know than more that anything in the world I would like to see my friends but they are all very bussy during the winter break and since I am not going anywhere It will be some long , boring vacations and even a boring cristmass.

I would like to go to the beach to feel the seewinds and the smell of fresh air run throught my face while I walk shoeless down the shore getting my feet wet avery now and then and to see the birds flying up high.

Right now Im going to return to my history book and study alot!!!


Un comentario en “Exams, Grades, Vacations”

  1. Pues resultara divertido ya veras. Por cierto, este es el primer miedo, el mayor de los miedos comienza ya estando en la universidad, es aturdidor. Pero es parte elemental que ayuda a decidir quien vas a ser! saludos bb.


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