Here I am again and again waiting for your touch to make my body shiver in this lonely night. Waiting for your smell to linger to the few pieces of clothing I still have on me because the rest you took off after we started kissing.
You say you love the way my body moves when I walk, when I dance and every night when I am with you so you kiss every inch of it while I admire your splendid tanned arms that are capable of carrying me from the door to the wall and then to the bed were we cuddle up very tight as if not to be separated.
You are so warm and I feel so protected like if I were a real fairy tale princess and you were my knight living in an unreal life were we wish that nights were longer than days for I can’t live without you.
As you hold my body softly against yours, you tell me about the many countries that have been seen by those bluish eyes I love so much and couldn’t survive without.
We spend hours in bed and then we get into the hot tub just kissing and hugging to let time pass by.

Un comentario en “Love”

  1. Haz estado trabajando arduo en tus pequeños relatos, estan muy buenos. Me gustan, no aburren. Espero pronto la tercera entrega que habías prometido, realmente empiezan a dar forma de una mini novela en relatos. Jajajja.saludos, te amo bb!


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